Friday, May 27, 2011 Video...

This video was taken in September, 2009 - almost a year and a half ago. It is hard to believe we are coming up on the FIFTH anniversary of his captivity...hard to believe the world has allowed this to go on for so long.

This is an injustice. This is an outrage. This is not something that Israel can fix because Israel did nothing wrong. Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel, attacked and murdered Israeli soldiers and kidnapped Gilad Shalit. Israel has offered ridiculous amounts of security prisoners and still Hamas demands their murderers freed... all of a boy of 19...20...21...22...23...and soon 24 years of age. They have stolen his youth, his freedom. Don't let them steal his life.

Israel's pre-1967 Borders - what would it really mean for Israel

Pictures certainly say it better than words...

Billboard for Gilad Shalit

A campaign is starting to purchase advertising space near the United Nations. A simple but clear message - FREE GILAD SHALIT!

I got this note on one of my blogs and decided to share it here as well - if you can help, please do:

I am trying to raise money to fund a billboard in NY City near the UN building saying "Free Gilad Shalit." Please help me get the word by telling people about my effort and posting this link to my campaign (where donations can be made):

I spoke with the Shalit family's campaign manager and they are supportive of this effort. My name is Gal Sitty. Search for my billboard effort at "Free Gilad Shalit Billboard" for more info, if you want to verify this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Timeline of the Mavi Marmara and Flotilla

Takes 20 minutes - best 20 minutes you could spend to understand how planned this they wanted violence...and we did not: