Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not a Good Idea, Really...

This next story isn't really about Israel...but more about what we as Israelis have to consider. Imagine going on vacation to a neighboring land - one with which your nation is at peace and though overall the people in each country are wary of the other, you still recognize that it is safe enough (hopefully) to take a few days and explore. You can't say the same about most of our neighbors, but for the most part, Israelis look at Jordan as the safest of our neighbors to visit.

But...imagine going to Jordan...and finding out that because of technical problems or inclement weather, the plane is going to SYRIA!

This happened to an Israeli couple a few weeks ago...but they managed to avoid any problems when the plane's passengers were kept on the plane while the problem was fixed.

Now, imagine a plane with 100 Israelis onboard. Luckily even Royal Jordanian Airlines realized delivering 100 Israelis to Syria is NOT a good idea! The plane and its passengers were rerouted to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Clearly the other non-Israeli passengers would be safer in our airport than our passengers would be if they landed in Damascus!

This is part of what it means to be Israeli, I suppose.

Here's the news story, as reported by YNET:

A Royal Jordanian Airlines flight, carrying 100 Israeli passengers and scheduled to land in Jordan, was rerouted to Damascus Syria for an emergency landing due to inclement weather Thursday. Due to the presence of Israeli passengers, however, the flight was ultimately rerouted to Ben Gurion Airport, where it was delayed for six hours due to weather condition.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Israel, The Country - on Facebook

Someone created a Facebook for Israel, the country...some humorous...some so true - this is Israel...on Facebook!

The Basics
  • Eye Color: Sunglasses
  • Height: Petite
  • Profession: Hi-tech
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Religious Views: Open to all

My Favorites

  • Favorite Color: Blue and white!
  • Favorite Car: Japanese cars...!
  • Favorite Movie: Givat Halfon eina ona (Halfon's Hill is not answering)
  • Favorite Hobby: Planting trees and seeds of peace (at least trying to)
  • Favorite Song/Singer: HaTikva! (Hope)
  • Favorite Book/Author: The Ten Commendements
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Eilat
  • Favorite Food: Hummus
  • Favorite Animal: Dove
  • Favorite Store: Duty free at Ben Gurion airport
  • Favorite Celebrity : Theodor Hertzl
  • Favorite Childhood Friend: Harry S. Truman
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: May 14, 1948, my birth!!
  • Favorite Person In Your Life: Feel lonely sometimes
  • Favorite Facebook Application : Hug Me
  • This or That
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Baklawa
  • Big Mac or Whopper: Falafel
  • Coke or Pepsi : Prigat
  • Beer or Wine: Sabra liquor
  • Coffee or Tea: Turkish coffee
  • Apple Juice or O.J.: Tapuzina!
  • Facebook or MySpace: facebook... to make you feel good
  • Summer or Winter: This is Israel!
  • Windows or Mac: Both are jewish, aren't they?
  • Cats or Dogs: Camels
  • Chips or Popcorn: Bamba
  • Salty or Sweet: Spicy
  • Morning or Night: 7 eleven
  • Money or Love: LOVE! and money...
  • Forgiveness or Revenge: Revenge, then forgiveness
  • House or Apartment: Bomb shelters
Do You?
  • Have Any Children: 7 million
  • Smoke: not on duty
  • Drink: not on duty
  • Exercise: Debating
  • Spend Your Life On Facebook: would like
  • Belong To Any Organizations: would like to join OPEC (Organization of Petrol Exporting Countries), but don't have oil
  • Speak Multiple Languages: oh yeah!
  • Ice Skate: no ice here dude!
  • Swim: of course! we have to be ready to be thrown in the sea one day
  • Ski: at Mount Hermon, at least till we'll return it to Syria Have You Ever
    Been Drunk Before Noon: only after
  • Got Caught Telling A Lie: never lie! remember the ten commendements?
  • Fantasized About A Co-Worker: looking for a partner
  • Cried During A Movie: course yes! have you ever seen an israeli movie???
  • Describe Yourself In One Word: Pretty Woman
  • Biggest Fear: fearless...
  • Biggest Mistake: being fearless...
  • #1 Priority In Your Life: Peace!!!! or survival...
  • Causes You Believe In: mine
  • Where Are You Right Now: at the right place
  • Where Would You Rather Be: here!
  • Famous Person You Want To Meet: Superman
  • Place To Visit Before You Die: I am immortal!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Remembering and Answering - Israeli Style

Two weeks ago, Achikam and David were murdered while hiking with a friend near Nahal Telem. Achikam and David, despite being wounded during the initial attack, were able to return fire and kill two of their attackers, thus saving their friend's life. This brave act also enabled Israeli security forces to identify who the attackers were - once again members of the Palestinian "Security" Forces, Palestinian policemen that are supposed to be on the side of the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to be on the side of trying to make peace with Israel.

This week, in memory of that terrible incident, young Israelis, friends and family members of the two young men, gave back a most Israeli response - they hiked to the place where the young men were murdered.

As reported by Israel National News:
Soldiers Hike to Telem in Memory of Amichai and Rubin

( About 100 soldiers from elite IDF units hiked to Nahal Telem near Hevron Friday morning, in memory of their friends, Cpl. Achikam Amichai and
Staff Sgt. David Rubin, who were killed there two weeks ago. They were joined by
family members.

Amichai and Rubin served in the elite Shaldag unit and the Naval Commando, respectively. The IDF provided security for the memorial hike.